Friday, May 2, 2008

The Magic of Asheville and the Western North Carolina Mountains

The Magic of Asheville and the Western North Carolina Mountains
Many Spirtual and Healing claims have been accredited to the mountains. Visitors vacationing with have commented on their experiences of the city, Asheville. Asheville NC Cabins are in the west and the eastern regions of Asheville as well as Black Mountain.
The natural healing energies that exist in the sweet town of Black Mountain are described in the book, “The Spiritual Reawakening Of The Great Smoky Mountains” by Page Bryant. It is broken down into three categories, electricity, magnetism, and electro-magnetic current.
Electricity is described as the male side of energy. These energies possess attributes that result in greater physical vitality, re-birth, and renewal. Page designated the element of fire to this electric presence. Magnetism, the feminine force of nature, is assigned the elements of water and earth. Magnetism calms the spirit and slows down the pulse, digestion and circulation in the body by lowering the temperature and blood pressure. Magnetism helps one to go with which heightens the human spiritual consciousness. The third piece of this description brings us to electromagnetic presence, which is the balance of both energies. Powerful electromagnetic terrains generally are identified by four seasons, waterfalls, plenty of rich plant life, rainfall, hills and mountains. That certainly describes this area. Ley lines have been noted in antiquity. They are the pathways that carry this wonderful healing, balancing energy back to one final point or vortex. The Ley line that runs through Black Mountain ends up at Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak of the Appalachians. This majestic 6,684ft mountain is preserved by a 1,400 acre state park. You can follow a 5.2 mile hiking trail that leads to the top of the summit. Page describes the fruit of this hike, the summit, as a great place for awakening soul consciousness. The Blue Ridge Mountains are the second oldest mountain on the earth and the French Broad River is the only river other than the Nile that runs in a northerly direction. It is said that the Cherokee Indians traveled to this area to experience the healing qualities of the region.
Which brings us to why so many seekers of spiritual awareness, personal growth and a peace and harmony, visit this area. Many say, “If the mountains call to you, you may find yourself mysteriously packing up and moving.” Black Mountain has been a destination for hundred of years where people have come for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.
The Asheville and Black Mountain area has attracted many famous spiritual leaders. Billy Graham and 29 other spiritual leaders in conventional belief have visited hear to eventually call it home. On any given day you will find a wealth of workshops, classes, and events from conventional to mystical practices. Healers, teachers, novelists are drawn here to be of service offering their gifts and talents. It is my observation that there are more conscious programs, such as healing events, yoga classes, spiritual music, artistic expression offered here per capita than any city.
The mountains are peppered with homes and gathering places such as The Buddhist Temple and Namaste Yoga Center where you bump into an enlightened master or two. The history of people coming to this area is readily available from many local sources such as the Biltmore Family story on the creation of the Biltmore Estate. On our local attraction page you will see links to reach some of the available jewels in the area. My advice to our guests is to wait until you get here if you are staying less than a week. Go to the Asheville Chamber of Commerce where you will find, literally, walls of flyers on things to do. Grab a hand full, and sit down with the family at one of the local coffee shops and enjoy the many choices to select from.
Asheville has been rated as the number one place to visit in the U.S. The spiritual experience of the area and the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway are just the beginning. We have done our best to include links to hiking trails, the beautiful triple waterfalls, and sacred sites of the area. It will be continually updated. I have heard magical stories about the rich minerals and gems in these mountains. A hiker was walking on a trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway, reached down, and picked up a rock the size of an egg. Yes, it turned out to be a Ruby. Our local bookstore and coffee shop “Malaprops” carries books with local stores of the magic in the mountains. During the Ice Age, the Tundra stopped in this area to deposit a bed of rich minerals. The formations of rock and minerals are still exposed and actively working to enhance the magical healing powers of these mountains.
There are places to visit, hike, or ride a horse with names like Sitting Bear Rock, Grandfather Mountain, Bat Caves, and Triple Falls. The possibilities for unique experiences near our Asheville cabins are infinite. There is a coffee shop in downtown Brevard, where you can sit down with a mocha latte and watch pure white squirrels run by. Sit on the porch of our log cabins, Tranquility Knoll and Country Haven, to watch the buffalo, "Lewis" and "Clark" grazing in their happy home. I have personally visited a retreat where the fairies come once a year. Can they grant a wish? Can the healing powers of these mountains bring what is out of balance in your life into balance? Do those electromagnetic energies move you into the natural flow of the universe? I don’t know but since living in these mountains, all my dreams have come true.
When I visited these mountains, eight years ago, I could not find a place for the whole family to stay - a place where grandma could hop up and make breakfast for the new grandkids kids on a Sunday morning; a chalet in a place like Black Mountain where the land possessed the healing qualities and love that we all desire. Last of all, a home base that will allow visiting the local sites and attractions quickly and easily. As you know an inch on a mountain map could equal a 40-minute drive in reality. After three years of research, I found the perfect chalets, cottages and log cabins. Thus, Carolina Mountain Rentals was created to provide Asheville Cabins. Come and visit, take you shoes off, sit a spell, and let the mountains sooth your soul.